M, T, TH       10:00 - 5:30

Wed               10:00 - 7:00   

Fri                  10:00 - 5:30

Sat                  10:00 - 4:00

Sun                 Most Sundays  12 -4

Additional hours during classes, by chance, or by appointment


We welcome you to the studio to visit, come together with your friends, clubs or like-minded colleagues.  Bring your knitting club, poetry or reading group.

Join in our classes, art walks, tastings and more. 

Our one of a kind, hand-crafted items make the most special of gifts.  Nothing compares to a lovingly made gift of functional or visual art.  Have you just received a wedding invitation? Do you want to give the most welcomed house-warming present?  Stop in to choose from our artists' ever-changing collections.


Enter Seranya Studios Art Boutique to be met by a visual symphony of stunning works by a diverse collection of extremely talented artisans.